IPv6 connect

UI-View and Internet Prototocol Version 6 (IPv6)

Many Tier 2 servers are offering IPv6 connectivity and the addresses noam.aprs2.net and euro.aprs2.net are well served with AAAA records for IPv6 connetions.

The question is how to use them with UI-View, if you have IPv6 installed and public IPv6 connectivity with your PC. How to achieve this prerequisit is out of scope of this page. There are tons of articles for different hardware available on the Internet. Just check with a page like this if you are ready to go on.

UI-View can not digest the IPv6 addresses directly, but Windows includes fortunately a proxy server to solve the problem. This internal port proxy helps to IPv6 connect to an APRS-IS server and can also make your UI-WebServer accessible for IPv6 inbound connections. Let's focus on the outbond connection to a server here as a first step.

In order to connect UI-View to an IPv6 enabled server, only the following simple steps are necessary:

  • Activate the Windows port proxy
  • go to Start/Run and execute cmd.exe
  • on the command prompt enter:
    netsh interface portproxy add v4tov6 listenport=<port #> connectaddress=<IPv6 server> connectport=14580
    netsh interface portproxy add v4tov6 listenport=1616 connectaddress=noam.aprs2.net connectport=14580
  • Connect UI-View to the proxy
  • go to Setup/APRS Server Setup
  • in the servers box press INSERT
  • enter localhost:<port #> and press ENTER (<port #> is the above defined port number of the proxy)
  • check the box for the connection
  • connect to the server with Action/Connect ...

That's it. You can check your connection taking a look at the server's status page. The port proxy can be used by several different applications in parallel on the PC, e.g. UI-View, your WX client as well as a network analyser.

The above approach can obviously be applied to other APRS clients and software.

I have tested this on several XP pro and Windows 7 boxes. On Windows 7 you may have to run cmd.exe in Administrator mode to have the necessary priviliges. It should also work on other OS. If not, please let me know.


The widget below shows your IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses (if available).