Welcome to Gerhard's Web Pages

My pages mainly contain information on the following topics:

I. My hobby Amateur Radio (HAM Radio)

A general information about the "HAM" is given with links to some national radio clubs for further information.

My special interests are:

  • Automated Packet Reporting Sytems (APRS).
  • Digital Voice transport systems (DV), mainly D-STAR and DMR at present.
  • Software Defined Radios (SDR). There is no dedicated page yet.
  • The necessary hard and software for all the above, including the used networks to connect hot-spots and repeaters.

II. The city of Antony in France, Department 92

Since 1995 I live in Antony, a suburb of Paris, the capital of France. Some observations and photos are posted. These old pages are not well integrated in my CMS. They are at least ten years old, but still show my environment here.


I'm often active in APRS with UI-View32. From 2003 to 2013 I operated a Java APRS Internet Server. The server ID was T2FRANCE.

My map scripts for the UI-WebServer maps as a replacement of the defunct MapBlast maps are still available. Only the embedded maps based on Google maps are still updated and maintained. They are also used for the BPQ32 APRS Web Server. I have added a page describing how to connect with IPv6 to an APRS-IS server. Take a look here.

At present I'm testing SSL connections with the APRS-IS using the new APRS client YAAC from Andrew, KA2DDO. This interesting client is the second to allow APRS-IS SSL connections after APRSdroid from Georg, DO1GL Both APRS clients are Open Source.

My most recent interest is Digital Voice, I am watching with great interest the approach to HAM-DMR Plus as presented at Interradio 2014 by DG1HT and DL5DI . It projects a way for a future European digital voice network, integrating different voice services used by radio amateurs, like DSTAR, DMR, Echolink and more.

There is more to come as time allows.

73 de Gerhard, F5VAG (ex DL7MW since 1966, member of DARC since 1964)


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